Replace Missing AW Hub Oil Cap

Sturmey Archer AW Hub with rim tape covering the oil port

Rim tape covering the oil port

Is your Sturmey Archer AW hub missing it’s oil cap? S-A changed their oil cap design several times during the life of the AW hub, so it is sometimes difficult to find the correct replacement cap. Old caps also tend to be a bit leaky, causing many people to spend time ensuring they park their bike with the cap facing up.

I was searching for ideas to replace a missing cap, when an idea struck me like lightning – if only there was a way to put a wide rubber band over the hub, then the cap would be unnecessary.

Sturmey Archer AW Hub with rim tape removed from the oil port

Rim tape uncovering the port

Of course, once the wheel is built, this is impossible – but one can achieve the same effect by cutting a strip out of an old inner tube, wrapping it taut around the hub body and gluing it together with a tube repair kit.

Once the band is in place, you simply slide it over the hole to plug it, and slide it off when you want to add oil to the hub.

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