YES! You can ride all winter

We have a whole bunch of winter biking goodness in stock:

Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires

Marathon Winter tires available in 700c, 26" and 29er sizes

Marathon Winter tires available in 700c, 26″ and 29er sizes

The industry standard in studded city tires. Why buy the sub-standard version from the big outdoors co op store for $69 when you can get the real thing from us for $75? (compare to $95 per tire at most stores.)

For maximum confidence, change both tires, but for a budget conscious option, just change your front tire in order to protect from front wheel slippage.

We also offer winter tire change and storage service – for $15 per tire we will install your winter spikes and store your summer tires for you. Come spring, we have the same deal and we’ll store your spike tires all summer.

These carbide spiked tires will last through many seasons. My first pair is on its 6th year and going strong.


Seirus Winter Gear

Micro Dome Liner Original Masque

The Seirus Micro Dome Liner is an awesome ear-warmth option with many applications. The top half is breathable coolmax and the headband is fleece. In cool weather, wear it alone to cut the cold on your ears without overheating your head. When it really starts to bite out there, wear it under your tuque for extra ear protection. The thin material will also fit easily under your helmet. One size fits all, $22.79. Compare with the $28 Outdoor Research Alpine hat at the big co op.

We also have the original Seirus Masque – protect your cheeks from biting cold without soaking a scarf with sweat. The best $16 you’ll ever spend for cold weather biking. Compare to the big co op’s neofleece mask at $26. Shop local!

Seirus Gloves

Seirus Soundtouch HyperliteSeirus Xtreme AWG

We now have all sizes in stock of Seirus’ award winning gloves. The hyperlite soundtouch glove is windproof/weatherproof, form fitting, and allows you to use your touchscreen devices. Use alone in cold weather or inside your mitts when it turns arctic out there – $49 well spent!

The All Weather Xtreme glove offers all the warmth of a bulky ski glove in a form-fitting glove which allows the dexterity you need for braking and shifting. 100% waterproof and toasty warm. – $69 per pair.

Bern Winter Helmets and Liners


We have a wide selection of Bern helmets and winter liners. Own a single stylish, lightweight helmet with a replaceable liner for summer and winter use. What’s not to love? Helmets start at $79.

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7 comments on “YES! You can ride all winter
  1. Copper says:

    Really,for all winter??

  2. Johnson says:

    Some of times winter would be intolerance for us,And therefor some of accessories we have to attain to protect ourselves. Above described all of attire are really amazing and would be useful in any winter condition specially helmet and hand gloves looks very well protective.

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