Where do your donations go?

We gratefully accept donations of all used bikes, no matter the condition or size.

What happens to kids’ bikes?

Kids’ bikes are tuned up and re-donated back to the community. We do not sell kids’ bikes. We run bulk donation drives where we give them away in large numbers, and we also give them away one at a time through the season.

What happens to adult bikes?

Adult bikes are either used for parts, or refurbished and re-sold to new riders. Income from used adult bikes sales helps us to buy the parts necessary to fix up the free kids’ bikes. It also helps us to keep our prices reasonable and pay a living wage to our mechanics.

Why doesn’t Bike Hounds buy bicycles?

1. Ownership of old bicycles is difficult to prove, and we do not want to support bike theft in any way. By limiting our intake to donations, we ensure that nobody is stealing a bike to sell it to us.

2. Those who have a bike in good condition and want to sell it are much better off selling the bike directly to a new rider. If you’d like to sell your bike, we recommend Kijiji or Craigslist.

3. Bikes that need repair before resale consume shop labour time and parts – both of which cost money to provide. If we paid for old bikes, we would not be able to recoup these costs by selling the bike at a reasonable price, and we would not be able to offer tuned used bikes to the community.

Why donate?

By donating your bike to us, you are supporting your small local bike shop. Working on used bikes in the winter keeps us employed during the slower months. The small profits realized from used bike sales help to support our kids bike giveaways. Diverting bicycles from the scrap bin keeps them out of the unsustainable cycle of being sent overseas to be melted down and turned into new low quality department store bikes that end up back in the scrap bin very quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns about our program or policies, please drop in and chat, or send us a note through our contact form. Thanks!

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