Holidays or whatever we are calling them

Those who know me know that I’m not really into the trading of “stuff” on holiday occasions. HOWEVER, I am totally into giving and getting functional gifts that help make life easier, all year round.

Short story: I once got small bike lights as a gift. One might think that would be a little odd since I have access to an entire bike shop’s worth of lights if I really need them. But I really appreciated those lights and I still use them a lot. It’s one of those things that can’t hurt to have extras of, plus when you need one and you aren’t near a shop, it is invaluable to have them kicking around. Moral: don’t underestimate a cyclist’s needs even if it seems like they have everything.

Any of the following type of items usually translates into a pretty decent gift:

  1. Something that is used regularly, especially if having extras is helpful (instead of clutter)
  2. Something that a person didn’t know they needed until they got it
  3. Something that a person needs or wants but wouldn’t consider buying for themselves because it feels decadent

We have a few items that might fall into this category. So if you have a cyclist in your life, hopefully these ideas might help inspire a useful gift in this season of generosity.


Lights are one of those things that every cyclist KNOWS they need but when it comes time to pick one up, often chooses the bare minimum or doesn’t want to spend too much money. But a bit more up front can get you something head and shoulders above the basic blinky. Why not splurge on safety for the cyclist in your life?


Widek bells are made in Holland by people who know what biking is all about. Having a plain old bell is the law, but having a nice bell should be!


Time to upgrade that department store cable lock? Or maybe that old U lock is jamming every 3rd time it gets used… We received our entire spring shipment early so you’ll be helping us make space by buying now instead of later!

Brooks Saddles

Everyone wants one but not everyone wants to treat themselves. These rarely go on sale but it’s so warm out, maybe it’s time for a winter exception.  Let’s do 15% off for seasonal cheer purposes!

Racks and Panniers

The first day I took my backpack off and clipped a pannier to my bike, my life changed forever. For many it feels like a big leap purchase, but it’s worth every penny. Get ready to hear “I should have done this years ago” when you give the gift of panniers! 15% off Brooks or Arkel. Or our last pair of Brooks Devon for half price. Yes, 50% off. Buy a rack with your panniers and we’ll include free installation for the recipient.

Schwalbe Marathon Tires

These tires are amazing. They roll fast, they are comfortable, and they resist punctures from annoying bits of glass, staples and other debris. But they are a bit pricey, so many of us have a hard time justifying it. Category 3 gift giving at its finest! 10% off all marathon series tires (including winter spikes)!

No cyclist would be upset to receive any of these. ANd if they are, we will always honour exchanges with a smile.

Stay tuned for more ideas over the coming days!

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27 comments on “Holidays or whatever we are calling them
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