Meet the Bike Hounds crew

Sean BurakSean Burak

Sean started Bike Hounds in 2008 after getting tired of travelling to Toronto to get a decent price on fenders and bike tubes. His interests lie in city bikes, utility and cargo riding, and having loud opinions about bike- (and non-bike-) related stuff.

Robert Iszkula

Robert is an Electrical Engineering Technology Grad from Mohawk College. After taking various soul sucking jobs in his field he realized that “corporate America” and the daily commute would destroy him. He then took his hobby and true passion of bicycle repair to the next level by completing the Winterborne Bicycle Institute Professional Bicycle Mechanic Course in Guelph, Ontario. His plan was to open a small repair shop in Downtown Hamilton to serve the everyday cyclist. These values were shared by Downtown Bike Hounds owner Sean Burak and after a chance meeting at the Ship (and a few pints) Robert was crowned the new head mechanic.

Memphis B. HoundMemphis B. Hound

Memphis is the downtown bike hound. He loves long walks in the park, sniffing butts and eating cheese. He is currently acting as E-Marketing Manager for DBH. He would love it if you’d join his mailing list or follow him on twitter.


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