Meet the Bike Hounds crew

Sean BurakSean Burak

Sean started Bike Hounds in 2008 after getting tired of travelling to Toronto to get a decent price on fenders and bike tubes. His interests lie in city bikes, utility and cargo riding, and having loud opinions about bike- (and non-bike-) related stuff.



connor-riding-for-siteConnor Bennett

Connor came to Hamilton in 2008 for school and fell in love with the city. You might see him at local venues playing saxophone or riding his bike around the city and the trails surrounding it. He has been working on bikes for almost 10 years in many different contexts. Your bike will be treated right when it is in his hands!



noel-for-siteNoel Iverson

Noel learned to true his first wheel almost 10 years ago, following an unfortunate incident with a pot-hole. He’s never looked back from that fateful night.



Memphis B. HoundMemphis B. Hound

Memphis is the downtown bike hound. He loves long walks in the park, sniffing butts and eating cheese. He is currently acting as E-Marketing Manager for DBH. He would love it if you’d join his mailing list or follow him on twitter.


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43 comments on “Meet the Bike Hounds crew
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