Selling Your Bike on Consignment

So you want to sell your bike? We may be able to help!

Before we begin, please read the following. In fact, read it twice:

Due to space restrictions, and due to our strict consignment rules, it is much more likely that your consignment application will be rejected rather than accepted.

The role of Downtown Bike Hounds is to match buyers and sellers. We are not a middle-man and at no point during the transaction do we take ownership of nor responsibility for the bicycle. Please read the following rules carefully before bringing your bike in to sell.

  1. All consignment bikes must be brought in by the owner with proof of ownership. There are absolutely no third party sales. We take bike theft seriously and following this rule is not optional.
  2. All consignment sellers must fill out a seller information form and provide identification that matches the form. Sellers agree that their information will be passed on to the buyer. Reminder: we are simply matching buyers and sellers. The sale is an agreement between the owner of the bike and the potential buyer.
  3. All consignment bikes must be in excellent condition. Any repairs (including basic tuning) required to bring the bike up to sell-able condition are to be performed at the sellers expense, and must be completed and paid for before the consignment sale is set up.
  4. Bike Hounds charges a 25% consignment fee.
  5. The selling price is ultimately determined by the seller, although we are happy to provide pricing suggestions.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse any consignment bike at our discretion.
  7. We reserve the right to terminate a consignment agreement at any time – this usually only happens if the bike sits on the floor unsold for too long.

The common sense bottom line is that we will only help you sell a bike if you own it and if it is in good condition. The consignment fee only covers the time and space taken up by the bike in the shop. Parts and repairs are not included in consignment fees.

Now that the business side of things is out of the way, we’ll sign off by stressing that we love matching people with bikes and are happy to help your bike find a friendly new owner!

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