Fat Bike Rentals are here!

We have a shiny pair of fat bikes ready to be rented!

Introducing the Surly Ice Cream Truck – Size Large and Surly Moonlander – Size Medium









Weekday Rate: $29 per bike per day

Long Weekend: $59 per bike (Pick up Saturday, drop off Tuesday)

Headlight Rental: $10 flat rate per light for your entire rental period (500 lumen trail-ready light)

Car Rack Rental: $10 flat rate for your entire rental period.

*All rentals require a valid credit card, photo ID and signed waiver.

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Lowest prices ever on new bikes!

All of our in-stock new bikes are on sale – we need to make room for the 2015 fleet.

There are some really unbeatable deals here on bikes that rarely – if ever – go on sale. Surly Cross Checks and Long Haul Truckers, Gazelle Dutch bikes, Fuji, Pure City, Brooklyn, Breezer,  Biria -  cruisers, hybrids, mountain, touring, cross – every single bike is marked down!

We also launched our “online shop” this week, where you can see what we have in stock. So far we are only listing new bikes, but we will be putting our regular parts and accessories up as well.

See the bikes at http://shop.bikehounds.ca/

Beat the spring rush and save a ton of cash.

See you in the shop!


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Free Lock or Helmet!!!








Why wait till spring?! Beat the rush.

We have huge fall discounts in effect, PLUS you will score your choice of either a free lock or a free helmet with the purchase of ANY in-stock bike during the month of November. Our used bikes are eligible too! Up to $100 value!














Over $500 (new bike) Any Bern or Lazer helmet, or any U lock or cable lock.

Under $500 (used bike) Any Lazer helmet or any cable lock (upgrade to Bern helmet or U lock for the difference in price)

We’ve got your noggin covered this November.

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Saddle sale, good deals and such!

Brooks B18 Saddle - just one left, 25% off! Now $159 (was $215)

Brooks B18 Saddle – just one left, 25% off! Now $159 (was $215)

Limited Edition Brooks World Traveller - B17 Select - ONLY ONE. 35% off! Now $169 (was $259)

Limited Edition Brooks World Traveller – B17 Select – ONLY ONE. 35% off! Now $169 (was $259)

Velo Orange saddles - 20% off all in-stock models!

Velo Orange saddles – 20% off all in-stock models!

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Due to our expansion into additional bike, parts and accessory brands, we are clearing out our clothing to make space.

All of our Sombrio clothing is now 50% off. Give us a hand – buy more than one and get 60% off!

Selection is limited, but we have a variety of pieces for guys and gals, both for summer and for upcoming fall riding.

All clothing sales are final… Enjoy! :-)


7OS4WN3RU_large 2014-08-07 18_42_43-sombrio clothes - Google Search dsc_3750 IMG_0242 marimbafront p4pb10129402 s780_62696

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Are you looking for a new bike that embodies the spirit of those classic Raleigh Sport models that are still kicking after 40 years of riding? Simcoe’s Toronto-designed bikes have taken the best qualities of European urban bikes, and adapted them into a bike built for style and utility necessary for navigating North American cities.

For a limited time, we have reduced the price of all of our 7 speed classic Simcoes to an unbeatable $799 (down from $949). Treat yourself to a new lifetime companion!


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Where do your donations go?

We gratefully accept donations of all used bikes, no matter the condition or size.

What happens to kids’ bikes?

Kids’ bikes are tuned up and re-donated back to the community. We do not sell kids’ bikes. We run bulk donation drives where we give them away in large numbers, and we also give them away one at a time through the season.

What happens to adult bikes?

Adult bikes are either used for parts, or refurbished and re-sold to new riders. Income from used adult bikes sales helps us to buy the parts necessary to fix up the free kids’ bikes. It also helps us to keep our prices reasonable and pay a living wage to our mechanics.

Why doesn’t Bike Hounds buy bicycles?

1. Ownership of old bicycles is difficult to prove, and we do not want to support bike theft in any way. By limiting our intake to donations, we ensure that nobody is stealing a bike to sell it to us.

2. Those who have a bike in good condition and want to sell it are much better off selling the bike directly to a new rider. If you’d like to sell your bike, we recommend Kijiji or Craigslist.

3. Bikes that need repair before resale consume shop labour time and parts – both of which cost money to provide. If we paid for old bikes, we would not be able to recoup these costs by selling the bike at a reasonable price, and we would not be able to offer tuned used bikes to the community.

Why donate?

By donating your bike to us, you are supporting your small local bike shop. Working on used bikes in the winter keeps us employed during the slower months. The small profits realized from used bike sales help to support our kids bike giveaways. Diverting bicycles from the scrap bin keeps them out of the unsustainable cycle of being sent overseas to be melted down and turned into new low quality department store bikes that end up back in the scrap bin very quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns about our program or policies, please drop in and chat, or send us a note through our contact form. Thanks!

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Bike Locke & Bike Hounds’ Second Giveaway/Donation Drive

Spring is officially here and, due to popular demand from our first event, Bike Locke and Downtown Bike Hounds are hosting our second bicycle giveaway, donation drive and tune-up party. Thanks to the great response (and your generous donations) we have decided to do it again. They’re all tuned up, polished and ready to be donated back out (free of charge) to new riders.

  • If you have children in need of a new bike, drop by for a test ride.
  •  If you’ve got basement bikes (adult sizes too) taking up space, drop them off to us – we’ll put them toward future donation drives.
  •  Does your child have a bike already? Bring in those kids’ bikes that have been neglected since September and we’ll give them free check-ups.

The Bike Locke/Bike Hounds donation drive takes place Sunday April 27 from 9 a.m. to noon out front of the The Mustard Seed Co-operative Grocery at 460 York Blvd. Coffee will be available for purchase at the Mustard Seed when they open at 10am. All available bikes will be given out a first come, first served basis. Downtown Bike Hounds 19 John Street North (905)525-9497 http://bikehounds.ca Bike Locke 246 Locke Street South (905)769-4320 http://locke.bikehounds.ca

The Mustard Seed Co-operative Grocery
460 York Blvd
(289) 492-2667

View Larger Map

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Spring 2014 News

Lots of news for spring 2014!

  • We have started opening at our usual time. As always, our up-to-date hours are posted on our home page.
  • We have a new lower level showroom for used bikes and rummage bins of used parts. Check it out!
  • 2014 Brooklyn Cruisers are in stock and they are just beautiful.
  • Our spring used bike fleet is growing strong. Your new two-wheeled soulmate awaits.
  • For 2014 we are offering tune up appointment booking for those who need immediate service. Book your date in advance and bring your bike in before noon – we’ll have it ready by 5pm on the same day!

Watch the website for more exciting changes for 2014. We want to make this the year of bikes in Hamilton!

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Used Bike Stock

Please bear with us while we get our spring used fleet up and running. We now have a lower level used showroom, please come check it out! For instant updates on our used bike stock, follow us on twitter.

Thanks for your patience,

Bike Hounds Crew

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