Free Things!

These are the things we do for free!

  1. Air up your tires when they get soft
  2. Lube your dry chain
  3. Raise (or lower) your seat
  4. Check your stem bolt if you think it might be loose
  5. A few minutes of advice about bikes/parts (if we aren’t too busy!)
  6. Free bell when you buy a new bike.

All those free things are things you might have to wait for depending how busy we are.

For everything else we have a minimum $5 shop charge

… and no we don’t loan out our tools, even for just a minute!

Just like you wouldn’t ask a local barber “can i just use your scissors for just a minute?” or ¬†ask your local restaurant “hey can i use your deep fryer to heat up these cut up potatoes for just 2 minutes?”

If you ask to use the shop tools we’re going to ask your address so we can come over and use your blender to make a smoothie and use your tooth brush for just a little bit.


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