Downtown Bike Hounds

Bike Locke + Bike Hounds = Together!

Visit us: 19 John North, Hamilton

Winter Hours

Check Google for our limited winter drop in hours.

Use the form below to book an appointment outside of our drop in hours and we will be happy to accomodate you.

Bike Locke


Bike Locke and Bike Hounds at 19 John Street North

We are a service shop first and foremost. We want to get your bike running at its best at a price that is fair to you which also values the quality work of our skilled mechanics. We are extrmely busy with repairs during the riding season, so you should contact us to make an appointment.

Our drop-in hours are reduced for winter.
Please read the following regarding hours and appointments:

We are available for drop offs and pick ups during the times listed on our Google Page.

We can also make special arrangements to meet you outside of these hours - just contact us and ask :-)

Please note that we do not buy bikes. We do accept donations to keep them out of landfill, but they must be delivered to the shop during our drop-off hours.

To book a repair appointment: Leave us a voicemail at 905-525-9497, or use the form below to email us:

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