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Bike Locke


We are a full service repair shop, and we will fix just about any* bicycle. When you visit, we will do a full assessment of your bike and give you an accurate quote and timeline. The following pricing will give you a guideline, however we must see your bike in person in order to give you an accurate quote.

Please note that the following prices are for labour only. Parts and taxes are extra.

*We do not service motorized bikes unless you purchased the bike from us

Basic Service

Brake Adjustment
Gear Adjustment
Tire Inflation
Drivetrain Lube
Torque Stem & Bar
Torque Wheel Nuts


Standard Service

Basic Service plus:
Minor Wheel Truing
Minor Hub Adjustment
Bottom Bracket Adjustment
Drivetrain Clean & Lube
Bike Wipe Down
plus up to three free parts/accessory installations (as indicated by below)


Deluxe Service

Standard Service plus:
Major Wheel Truing
Hub Overhaul
Bottom Bracket Install
plus up to three free parts/accessory installations (as indicated by below)


Adjust Seat HeightFREE
Minimum Shop Charge$5
Included in Standard Service
Available as a Free Add On
Price as Shown

A La Carte - Common Services

Tube Change (Most Bikes)$10
Tube Change (Fixie or Coaster Brake Wheel)$15
Tube Change (Internal Geared and/or Chaincase)$20
Accessory Install$8
Stem Adjust$5
Headset Adjust$8
Brake Adjust (V-Brakes/Caliper/Mechanical Disc)$12
Derailer Adjust$14
Chain Clean & Lube$8
Bottom Bracket Minor Adjust$12
Hub Adjust (Minor - Front)$12
Hub Adjust (Minor - Rear)$18
Wheel True (Minor - no broken spokes)$15

A La Carte - Parts & Accessories

Saddle Install$10
Grips Install$8
Bar Tape Wrap$20
Fender Set Install$20
Rack/Basket Install$16
Kickstand Install$8
Handlebar Install$18
Stem Swap (Threadless)$10
Stem Install (bar re-install incl.)$22

A La Carte - Braking & Shifting

Brake Cable/Housing Install$17
Brake Adjust (Cantilever)$18
Brake Install w/cable$25
Brake Lever Pair Install (cable install extra)$12
Brake Disc Rotor Truing$10
Shift Cable/Housing Install*$19
*Grip Shift Surcharge$8
Shifter Pair Install (cable install extra)$18
Derailer Install$15
Derailer Hanger Alignment$18

A La Carte - Cranks and Wheels

Chain Install$10
Crankset Install$20
Left Crank Arm Install$10
Cottered Crank Pin Install$12
Pedals Install$8
Toe Clips/Straps Install$8
Freewheel/Cassette Install$13
Hub Bearing Replace (Front)$25
Hub Bearing Replace (Rear)$30
Wheel True (incl up to 4 spoke replacements)$25
Additional Spoke Replacement$3

The Big Stuff

Boxed Bike Re-assemble$35
New Bike Assemble & Tune$60
Headset Overhaul or Replacement$30
Bottom Bracket Overhaul or Replacement$40
Bottom Bracket Face/Chase Surcharge$15
Fork Install$40
Wheel Build$60