Buy a Bike

Buying a bike - it's very exciting! However 2020 has been a very busy year and our bike shelves are almost bare.

We currently have NO USED BIKES in stock and just a few new ones left. The absolute best way to see our current stock is to follow our Instagram or Twitter @shopbikehounds. Thanks for your patience!

We can special order bikes from:

  • Surly
  • KHS
  • Brooklyn
  • (and maybe some others - drop us a line)

If you know what bike you are after, email us a bike special order request using this form and we will look into availability.

If you don't know what size bike you need, your very first step should be to figure that out. It's not too hard - you can DIY it using resources such as this great page by Bicycle Guider or following this Rivendell method to find your PBH.

For other sources of new bikes, you can try our colleagues at Main Cycle, Pierik's or Freewheel Cycle. Please be wary of department store bikes and any new bikes under $400 - plan to have a professional tune up performed by a bike shop after purchase of any department store bikes.

For other used bike purchasing resources, try the following:

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